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The Southwest Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association or SABA is established to promote the used and antiquarian book trade as a professional association.
The Goals of the Association are:
1. To organize the annual Albuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair and to advertise and promote exhibitors and sponsors of the fair.
2. To educate about and encourage an appreciation of antiquarian books , manuscripts and other printed materials.
3. To promote ethical and professional standards in the book trade.
4. To encourage the advancement of technical knowledge regarding bibliography, printing and the book arts.
5. To advocate for and promote the success of the booksellers in our association.


We encourage all participating book dealers to join S.A.B.A. for the low, low price of just $50.00 per year. Membership gets you 25 bucks off your booth rental, helps us to pay to set up the non-profit and pays for coffee and doughnuts at the Saturday morning meeting

Southwest Antiquarian Booksellers Association

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